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Thilaga Sulathireh: Malaysian LGBTI Human Rights Defender

By Lene Swetzer at ISHR. ‘I’m queer, and it just made sense to be part of the LGBTI movement.’ Thilaga Sulathireh initially joined the struggle for LGBTI rights in Malaysia in response to her own experience of discrimination and harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. She now devotes herself to promoting and protecting the rights of others. The violence and discrimination inflicted on the LGBTI community in Malaysia, particularly on trans people, strengthened Thilaga’s determination to promote transgender rights, and challenge patriarchal norms and oppressive religious Read More +

“I Won’t be a Weapon Anymore,” says Former Symbol of Ex-Gay Movement

  By Eliel Cruz at Religion News Service. Christian Schizzel spent 7 years being trotted around the country on media outlets as a poster boy for the ex-gay movement. Now, after reclaiming his gay identity, Christian says he won’t be a weapon anymore. Read more.   This post claims no credit for any information or image posted herein: it merely hosts such information or images. The original authors, owners and/or sources hold the copyright to any information and image on this post. If there is Read More +

Exposed: West Auckland Anti Gay Pastor Logan Robertson

By Levi Joule at express. A West Auckland pastor has told an author “I pray that you will commit suicide, you filthy child molesting fag.” The story has been doing the rounds on popular social media site  Reddit and express was alerted to the email by a number of readers. Jim Marjoram was emailing churches seeking support for his new book the ‘Silent Gays project’ which according to his website “is primarily a collection of resources (articles and links) outlining the issues faced by LGBT people Read More +

Report from Jakarta: International Consultation on Church and Homophobia

By Joseph N. Goh at AACRE. An International Consultation on Church and Homophobia (ICCH) was held at the Jakarta Theological Seminary (JTS) in Jakarta, Indonesia from November 23 to 26, 2014. This consultative conference was co-organised by JTS, the National Council of Churches in India, the Theological Department of the Christian University of Duta Wacana, the Communion of Churches of Indonesia, the Fellowship of Women Theologians, the World Student Christian Federation-Asia Pacific, and the Christian Conference of Asia. The conference sought to introduce LGBT issues Read More +

Arizona Pastor predicts ‘AIDS-free Christmas’ if all Gays are Killed, as God Commands

By David Ferguson. A Baptist pastor in Tempe, Arizona called for the mass extermination of LGBT people on Sunday in a sermon entitled “AIDS: The Judgement of God.” In the sermon, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday from Faithful Word Baptist Church, Pastor Steven Anderson said that God has ordered in the scriptures that gays should be killed, and that if humanity wants to have an “AIDS-free world by Christmas,” he said, that’s what should be done. “Turn to Leviticus 20:13,” he says in Read More +

The Dangerous American Myth of Corporate Spirituality

By Shawn Van Valkenburgh. “We might call this a belief in spiritual meritocracy. The implicit idea here is that our professional and financial growth depends on our spiritual merit, not on the presence or absence of social structures and biases. We are told that if we are grateful enough, if we put enough happy energy into the universe, then we will be rewarded with material wealth and earthly pleasures.” Read more.        

Evangelicals with Gay Children challenging Church

By Rachell Zoll. “When their 12-year-old son Ryan said he was gay, they told him they loved him, but he had to change. He entered “reparative therapy” …  nothing changed. A despondent Ryan cut off from his parents and his faith, started taking drugs and in 2009, died of an overdose. Read more.                  

Cheap Anti-Gay, Sexist Jibes echo at Umno Assembly

By Yiswaree Palansamy. Anti-gay and sexist jibes echoed from the speech box at the Umno General Assembly today, as one delegate kept with the general theme of deep conservatism at this year’s gathering by lashing out at sexual minorities. Read more.            

International Consultation on Church and Homophobia | Day 4 | November 26, 2014

The fourth day of the International Consultation on Church and Homophobia opened with Rev. Philip Vinod Peacock’s presentation entitled “Qu(e)erying Asian, Qu(e)erying Theology.” He led the participants through an examination of the effects of colonialism, the construction of bodies, capitalism, violence and doing (queer) theology in Asia. Of queer theology, Peacock stressed that “love does not just blur boundaries, it smashes them.” Dr. Michael J. Adee’s presentation emphasised the toolkits of LGBT justice-based activism is to promote “Compassion for Ourselves & Ourselves Along the Way Read More +

International Consultation on Church and Homophobia | Day 3 | November 25, 2014

In the morning of the third day of the International Consultation on Church and Homophobia, Dr. Gadis Arivia delivered her presentation entitled “Love is a Human Right.” She recounted how in 2007, an Indonesian man named Hartono and his partner were humiliated by the police on the grounds of their sexuality. Arivia also cited several regional and international documents on SOGIE and same-sex marriage rights. When same-sex partners are denied rights, they are disallowed from visiting each other or their children in hospital, from receiving Read More +