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International Consultation on Church and Homophobia | Day 2 | November 24, 2014

The second day of the International Consultation on Church and Homophobia began with a thought-provoking Morning Prayer. After breakfast, Dr Dédé Oetomo delivered a presentation that examined the LGBTIQ movement in Indonesia and the involvement of religions. He gave a summary on the formation of groups such as the Himpunan Wasam Djakarta (Jakarta Association of Transgender Women) in the 1960s, the Persatuan Waria Kota Surabaya (Surabaya City Association of Transgender Women) in 1978, Lambda Indonesia in 1982, Persatuan Lesbian Indonesia in 1986, and GAYa NUSANTARA in Read More +

International Consultation on Church and Homophobia | Day 1 | November 23, 2014

The day began bright and early as the three of us — Raymond Lee, One Liew and I — made our way to the airport. We found ourselves in an unbelievably long queue leading to the drop-bag counter at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, but thankfully got everything done under 30 minutes from the moment we arrived. We were greeted at the Jakarta airport by Rev. Stephen Suleeman and a Jakarta Theological Seminary (JTS) student. We soon arrived at JTS and were whisked off to Read More +

International Consultation on Church and Homophobia, November 23-26, 2014, Jakarta Theological Seminary

A Gathering of Asian Churches and Seminary to Address Homophobia as Human Rights Violations Sexual minorities (lesbian, gay, bi­sexual and transgender – LGBT) have been receiving a lot of attention recently. In its accreditation guide, ATESEA mentions that member schools need to pay close attention to LGBT issues. Nevertheless, views on sexual minorities are varied. Some churches support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, even to the point of marrying them and ordaining LGBT priests, while others accept them under certain conditions. Many people, however, Read More +

“Reverend, I am June I am a sex worker and I work in a brothel in Geylang. I want to ask you a question, Will I go to hell.”

A Reflection by the Rev. Yap Kim Hao of Free Community Church, Singapore Observance of Transgender Day Last Sunday Free Community Church commemorated the victims of the transgendered people who suffered and died in misery. Responding to the invitation, a significant number of transmen and transwomen were present. A few shared their experiendes of stigma and discrimination by the wider community in society. The Church honoured and celebrated them and pledged to stand in solidarity with the transgendered community. Last night Oogachaga & Project X Read More +

The State and Future of the Study of Gender in Malaysia from a Multi-disciplinary Perspective: Disciplinary and Methodological Challenges and Opportunities

The study of gender is often subsumed by the predominating focus on race, ethnicity, and religion in Malaysia. In fact, such an unbalanced social and cultural emphasis belies the hegemony of androcentrism in scholarly production. But for scholars already engaged in gender, how have their contributions shape the bigger, if alternate, picture of scholarship on gender in the Malaysian context? This roundtable discussion aims to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines to engage in a conversation about the present state and future directions Read More +

World AIDS Day Red Carnival 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

World AIDS Day is held each year on December 1st and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died from AIDS. For more than 25 years PT Foundation has been working at the frontline in the fight against HIV and AIDS in Malaysia. We believe this fight can be won. Our wish is to get zero new HIV infections in the future: we are wishing Read More +

“Every One of Us is God’s Type”

“God is extravagant in all things—God does not god stingily. God lives extravagantly, God performs extravagance.There is nothing half-way about God … God goes ‘cruising,’ seeking another soul with whom to be in relationship. The difference between us and God lies in the reality that every one of us is God’s type” — Robin Gorsline, “Faithful to a Very Queer Acting God,” in “Queering Christianity,” ed. Goss, Bohache, Cheng and West, 2013, p. 43.