International Consultation on Church and Homophobia, November 23-26, 2014, Jakarta Theological Seminary

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icchA Gathering of Asian Churches and Seminary to Address Homophobia as Human Rights Violations

Sexual minorities (lesbian, gay, bi­sexual and transgender – LGBT) have been receiving a lot of attention recently. In its accreditation guide, ATESEA mentions that member schools need to pay close attention to LGBT issues.

Nevertheless, views on sexual minorities are varied. Some churches support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, even to the point of marrying them and ordaining LGBT priests, while others accept them under certain conditions. Many people, however, still believe that it is against Christian doctrines and ethical teaching to accept them.

Bearing this in mind, Jakarta Theological Seminary, the NCC in India, the Theological Department of the Christian University of Duta Wacana, the Communion of Churches of Indonesia, the Fellowship of Woman Theologians, and the World Student Christian Federation-Asia Pacific are organizing a four-day consultative gathering of Asian churches and Christian seminaries to raise the awareness and understanding of this issue.

Jakarta Theological Seminary is known among the sexual minority communities in Indonesia as an LGBT friendly community where they will be welcomed and not be judged.


Our aim is to introduce issues related to LGBT and Queer Theology as an attempt to reflect and understand God’s work in embracing those who are marginalized by society and the church. Therefore, we hope that this consultative gathering will enable the participants to reflect on God’s inclusive work which does not discriminate against anyone.


“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18)

We hope that this theme will help Christian churches and seminaries to meditate on God’s call for us to have the courage to accept and love everyone, including those who have different sexual orientations, and gender identities and expressions.


  • Representatives from theological seminaries of the Association of Theological education in Southeast Asia.
  • Representatives from Asian churches, including churches that are open to sexual minorities.
  • Pastors and other people who serve in any other capacities, who are interested in these issues and hope to develop this ministry in their own contexts.
  • Friends from sexual minority communities who are interested in contributing their faith experience to enrich others, and to get them involved in the ministry towards sexual minorities and to develop Queer Theology.
  • Other representatives from related organizations and Christian churches.


The programme can be downloaded here as an Excel spreadsheet.



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