Feast of the Presentation of Mary | November 21

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Presentation of Mary

Presentation of Mary

The presentation of Mary at the temple echoes that of her own son (Luke 2: 22-40). Although the historical veracity of these incidents can never be fully (or ever) ascertained, what remains crucial is the theological significance that they convey. The presentation of Mary, and of Christ are reminders that every human person is caught up with God in some deep, existential way, even if God is not explictly acknowledged. By virtue of our existence, we are infused and surrounded by God, God who comes by many names: mystery, love, kindness, humour, forgiveness, boldness, strength. Each of us is somehow “presented” to God from the first moment of our existence, and with this presentation comes the imperative for us to grow, to do good, and to strive to be all who we are meant to be. For LGBTIQ Christians, the presentation of Mary is an occasion to reflect on the God-presented gifts of gender variance, sexual diversity and body non-conformity. It is a time to remember again that these gifts are meant to be used for the good of the self and the greater human community, for in so doing, LGBTIQ Christians once again present themselves to God.

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