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SEA Studies Symposium 2015 – Roundtables and Workshops: “The Year of ASEAN: Integrating Southeast Asia,” March 20-24, 2015

  ●  Goh, Joseph N. “The Contestation of Muslim Homogeneity through Queer Variegations of Lived Islam among Gay-Identifying Malay-Muslim Malaysian Men.” Paper presentation at “Gender and Nationhood: The Emerging Gendered Modernities of Malaysia and Indonesia” Panel, SEA Studies Symposium 2015 – Roundtables and Workshops, “The Year of ASEAN: Integrating Southeast Asia,” in conjunction with the Asian Economic Panel Conference, Sunway University, Malaysia, March 22, 2015. Chair: Gaik Cheng Khoo. ●   Alicia Izharuddin, Joseph N. Goh and Pang Khee Teik. “The State and Future of the Read More +
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The State and Future of the Study of Gender in Malaysia from a Multi-disciplinary Perspective: Disciplinary and Methodological Challenges and Opportunities

The study of gender is often subsumed by the predominating focus on race, ethnicity, and religion in Malaysia. In fact, such an unbalanced social and cultural emphasis belies the hegemony of androcentrism in scholarly production. But for scholars already engaged in gender, how have their contributions shape the bigger, if alternate, picture of scholarship on gender in the Malaysian context? This roundtable discussion aims to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines to engage in a conversation about the present state and future directions Read More +
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