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Pain at Christmas: Coping with the Loss of a Life Partner and Thinking of God in the Holiday Season

This will be my first Christmas without my partner R.[1] We were together for five years, four months and eighteen days – the happiest and most fulfilling period of my life – before an unexpected illness took him away from me. R. was diagnosed with a terminal illness on June 9, 2016. That was the day that our lives turned upside down. Over June, July, August and September, we were in and out of hospital for a total of four times due to various complications Read More +
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Daring to Hope

The commemoration of the birth of Christ draws nigh, signalling a time for people from all walks of life to celebrate a renewal of hope and peace. The portrayal of the helpless Newborn in a cave in Bethlehem reflects the helplessness of so many people in Malaysia who remain cradled by the political, economic, and even socio-religious ideologies of others. Malaysians have witnessed a multitude of events in 2015 that have caused us to question what it means to be Malaysians in the twenty-first century. Read More +
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Questioning, Discovering, Witnessing: Towards a Deeper Meaning of Christmas?

Once again, the entire world celebrates the birth of Jesus, the Christ. The fact that Christ was not actually born on December 25, as the date merely serves as a commemoration of his birth, has become common knowledge for many Christians. What is important is not the exact date of Christ’s birth, but that he was born into the world—a prophet, a guru, a revolutionary, a visionary, perhaps even a life coach; but undoubtedly the face of God to those who hear and respond to Read More +
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