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Bridging Sexuality, Theology and Activism

“Sexuality studies looks at how sexuality cuts across various disciplines and areas of human reality,” says Dr Joseph N. Goh, a Gender Studies lecturer at Monash Malaysia. “There is nothing human that is untouched by gender and sexuality. Sexuality studies looks at how sexuality cuts across various disciplines and areas of human reality. For example, how does sexuality speak to politics, activism and citizenship? How does sexuality inform socio-cultural ideas and community living? Where is sexuality in the political economy, for instance? And also, very Read More +
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Erotic Renewals: Rethinking Sex as LGBTQ Christians

By Joseph N. Goh at AACRE. My reflection draws on a workshop entitled “Erotic Renewals: Rethinking Sex as LGBTQ Christians” that I designed and delivered at the recent Amplify 2014 Conference. This All-Asia Open and Affirming Church + Life Conference that gathers diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex and queer persons, as well as straight-identifying allies, was hosted by Free Community Church, Singapore between September 12 and 14, 2014. Approximately 200 clergy and non-clergy delegates from Australia, China (both mainland and Hong Kong), Indonesia, Japan, Read More +
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The State and Future of the Study of Gender in Malaysia from a Multi-disciplinary Perspective: Disciplinary and Methodological Challenges and Opportunities

The study of gender is often subsumed by the predominating focus on race, ethnicity, and religion in Malaysia. In fact, such an unbalanced social and cultural emphasis belies the hegemony of androcentrism in scholarly production. But for scholars already engaged in gender, how have their contributions shape the bigger, if alternate, picture of scholarship on gender in the Malaysian context? This roundtable discussion aims to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines to engage in a conversation about the present state and future directions Read More +
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