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Survivalist Sexuality-Faith Strategies in Biblical Meaning-Makings: Non-Heteronormative Malaysian Christian Men and Negotiations of Sexual Self-Affirmation

  Goh, J. N. (2016). Survivalist sexuality-faith strategies in biblical meaning-makings: Non-heteronormative Malaysian Christian men and negotiations of sexual self-affirmation. QUEST: Studies on Religion & Culture in Asia, 1, 38–53. Retrieved from https://www.theology.cuhk.edu.hk/quest/index.php/quest/article/view/19   Abstract This article is a socio-theological investigation into the diverse ways in which non-heteronormative Christian men in Malaysia negotiate with biblical passages to affirm their sexual identifyings, sexual expressions and sense of faith. Such a socio-theological investigation also acts as a critical questioning of official and unofficial attitudes towards non-heteronormative men—and Read More +

Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services

“Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services” is a discussion paper that examines the attitudes of institutional and popular Christianity towards men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender persons (TG), the impact of such attitudes towards the aforementioned individuals in relation to HIV prevention and treatment, as well as Christian teachings and strategies that affirm key affected populations and people living with HIV. In Asia-Pacific countries, Abrahamic religions such as Islam and Christianity often condemn same-sex behaviour and gender non-conformity. This kind of Read More +

A Response to the Talk “Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Same-Sex Marriage and LGBT” at the Church of the Risen Christ, Kuala Lumpur

Look at the rainbow, and praise its Maker; it is exceedingly beautiful in its brightness – Ecclesiasticus 43:11   Introduction A small group of youths from various parishes gathered at the Church of the Risen Christ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 2.00 pm on Saturday, August 22, 2015 for a talk by Roman Catholic priest Reverend Father Clarence Devadass. Organised by the Alive Ministry, the talk was entitled “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and was aimed at discussing the issue of “same-sex marriage and LGBT.” The Read More +

10 Bible Verses Conservative Christians REALLY Don’t Want You To See

By Curtis F. There’s recently been a wave of “religious freedom” bills put forth aimed at destroying the separation of church and state. Those who support these bills, and similarly religious-based legislation such as gay marriage bans, like to use the Bible as their justification for these laws. You may also notice that many of these same people say that Islam is a violent religion, so it’s no wonder that you might not hear them cite the following verses from the Bible. Read More.   Read More +

Reclaiming Vision and Voice: A Queer-Feminist-Liberation Reading of Mark 10: 46-52 in relation to Non-Heteronormative Malaysians

Goh, Joseph N. “Reclaiming Vision and Voice: A Queer-Feminist-Liberation Reading of Mark 10: 46-52 in relation to Non-Heteronormative Malaysians.” in God’s image 33, no. 1 (June 2014): 40-51.   This essay deploys a queer-feminist-liberation reading of Mark 10:46-52 to articulate the issues and struggles of non-heteronormative Malaysians, and the ways in which they reclaim their visions and voices as sexual subjects in a disenabling ethos.            

Jesus was not a queer ally: why I can’t take LGBT-affirming Christianity seriously (and why queer spaces must remain secular)

By Alex Gabriel in Godlessness in Theory. If Jesus, human or divine, was a queer ally – if as is claimed, his gospel involved respecting and defending us and if he’d take our side today – why hasn’t this been clear to most Christians for most of history? Why is it a minority’s contentious view today, and why did queer-affirming Christianity only become an organised force in the global church in the last hundred years, if that? Why were Christ’s teachings misunderstood for the first Read More +

Reflections on the Play ‘The Third Way: Same Sex Attraction and the Catholic Church’ at Holy Family Church, Kajang

  Introduction During the Roman Catholic season of Lent,[1] the Parish Youth Council of Holy Family Church at the township of Kajang in the Malaysian state of Selangor organised a series of activities. One such activity was a Play entitled ‘The Third Way: Same Sex Attraction and the Catholic Church’, which was held on Sunday, March 22, 2015. There was no charge for the Play and it was open to all. Although scheduled to begin at 6.00 pm, the Play started at 6.30 pm with Read More +

Online Sexuality & Spirituality Conference (Metropolitan Community of Churches)

This virtual symposium (October 15-17, 2015), sponsored by the Metropolitan Community of Churches’ Office of Formation and Leadership Development and Theologies Team, will engage participants in a number of presentations, panel discussions, and other opportunities for dialogue around the important topic of Sexuality and Spirituality. Read more.