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Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services

“Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services” is a discussion paper that examines the attitudes of institutional and popular Christianity towards men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender persons (TG), the impact of such attitudes towards the aforementioned individuals in relation to HIV prevention and treatment, as well as Christian teachings and strategies that affirm key affected populations and people living with HIV. In Asia-Pacific countries, Abrahamic religions such as Islam and Christianity often condemn same-sex behaviour and gender non-conformity. This kind of Read More +

Peculiar Politics in Malaysia: A Queer Perspective on Non-Heteronormative Malay-Muslim Men

Goh, Joseph N. “Peculiar Politics in Malaysia: A Queer Perspective on Non-Heteronormative Malay-Muslim Men.” In Ways of Queering, Ways of Seeing, edited by Jillian E. Cox and Jo Grzelinska, 3-33. Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2015. Abstract In this chapter, I postulate that the adamant insistence by Islamic and civil authorities on specific performativities of masculinity and sexuality to the extent of persecuting non-heteronormative Malay-Muslim men underwrites the pursuit of an image of Malay-Muslim cohesiveness. This politically motivated antagonism, in turn, secures the maintenance of political Read More +

Daring to Hope

The commemoration of the birth of Christ draws nigh, signalling a time for people from all walks of life to celebrate a renewal of hope and peace. The portrayal of the helpless Newborn in a cave in Bethlehem reflects the helplessness of so many people in Malaysia who remain cradled by the political, economic, and even socio-religious ideologies of others. Malaysians have witnessed a multitude of events in 2015 that have caused us to question what it means to be Malaysians in the twenty-first century. Read More +

An Open Letter to American Muslims on Same-Sex Marriage – Reza Aslan and Hasan Minhaj

“Bottom line is this: standing up for marginalized communities, even when you disagree with them, is not just the right thing to do, it’s the Muslim thing to do. Remember that whole God is merciful and compassionate thing? That extends to all people, not just those who are straight. Celebrate. Don’t tolerate. Love really does win” – Reza Aslan and Hasan Minhaj in Religion Dispatches. Read More. This excerpt posted here claims no credit for any information or image posted herein: it merely hosts such Read More +