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Imaginative Assemblages of of Transcendent/Desire: Non-Heteronormative Malaysian Men Speak Up and Talk Back

Goh, Joseph N. “Imaginative Assemblages of of Transcendent/Desire: Non-Heteronormative Malaysian Men Speak Up and Talk Back.” Critical Research on Religion 4, no. 2 (August 2016): 125-140.   Abstract Many non-heteronormative Malaysian men find themselves on the receiving end of political, socio-cultural, and religious condemnations of their sexual identifyings and expressions. Their lived realities are often considered invalid, including from religious and theological perspectives. This article is a queer socio-theological project that examines the lived realities of six non-heteronormative Malaysian men who speak up and talk Read More +
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Queer Asian Spirit E-Magazine (QAS E-Zine) Vol. 4, 2014

The Rev. Dr. Patrick S. Cheng and I are very grateful for the opportunity to bring you another issue of the QAS E-Zine with the theme of Queer Diversity! This E-Zine foregrounds the often unheard spiritual perspectives and lived experiences of LGBTIPAQ persons of Asian descent from all over the world. This issue of the QAS E-Zine is packed with various contributions on sexuality rights, gender and sexual diversity, and queer spiritual spaces. Read more.         You may also be interested in: Read More +
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“Our Father in Heaven”: A Reflection on the Prayer of Jesus

There is a special prayer that appears in the gospels of Luke and Matthew. This prayer is often called the “Our Father,” or “The Lord’s Prayer,” or simply, “The Prayer of Jesus.” I personally like “The Prayer of Jesus.” The writers of the gospels of Luke and Matthew attribute the origin of this prayer to Jesus. Among the many prayers we have as followers of Christ, the “Our Father” is considered one of the most important. I remember that this was one of the first Read More +
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