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From Polluted to Prophetic Bodies: Theo-Pastoral Lessons from the Lived Experiences of Gay, HIV-Positive Christian Men in Singapore

Goh, J. N. (2017). From Polluted to Prophetic Bodies: Theo-Pastoral Lessons from the Lived Experiences of Gay, HIV-Positive Christian Men in Singapore. Practical Theology, 10(2), 133–146. Abstract This article garners theo-pastoral lessons from the lived realities of gay, HIV-positive Christian men in Singapore. Such lessons are premised on the belief that gay HIV-positive men are prophets with lessons of life and faith for Christian communities, rather than polluted victims of a disease who simply merit pastoral assistance. The analysis of the narratives of three gay, Read More +

Survivalist Sexuality-Faith Strategies in Biblical Meaning-Makings: Non-Heteronormative Malaysian Christian Men and Negotiations of Sexual Self-Affirmation

  Goh, J. N. (2016). Survivalist sexuality-faith strategies in biblical meaning-makings: Non-heteronormative Malaysian Christian men and negotiations of sexual self-affirmation. QUEST: Studies on Religion & Culture in Asia, 1, 38–53. Retrieved from https://www.theology.cuhk.edu.hk/quest/index.php/quest/article/view/19   Abstract This article is a socio-theological investigation into the diverse ways in which non-heteronormative Christian men in Malaysia negotiate with biblical passages to affirm their sexual identifyings, sexual expressions and sense of faith. Such a socio-theological investigation also acts as a critical questioning of official and unofficial attitudes towards non-heteronormative men—and Read More +

Imaginative Assemblages of of Transcendent/Desire: Non-Heteronormative Malaysian Men Speak Up and Talk Back

Goh, Joseph N. “Imaginative Assemblages of of Transcendent/Desire: Non-Heteronormative Malaysian Men Speak Up and Talk Back.” Critical Research on Religion 4, no. 2 (August 2016): 125-140.   Abstract Many non-heteronormative Malaysian men find themselves on the receiving end of political, socio-cultural, and religious condemnations of their sexual identifyings and expressions. Their lived realities are often considered invalid, including from religious and theological perspectives. This article is a queer socio-theological project that examines the lived realities of six non-heteronormative Malaysian men who speak up and talk Read More +

Queer Asian Spirit E-Magazine (QAS E-Zine) Vol. 4, 2014

The Rev. Dr. Patrick S. Cheng and I are very grateful for the opportunity to bring you another issue of the QAS E-Zine with the theme of Queer Diversity! This E-Zine foregrounds the often unheard spiritual perspectives and lived experiences of LGBTIPAQ persons of Asian descent from all over the world. This issue of the QAS E-Zine is packed with various contributions on sexuality rights, gender and sexual diversity, and queer spiritual spaces. Read more.         You may also be interested in: Read More +

A Malaysian treads on Dangerous Ground by Queering Guadalupe

What first drew me to the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe were the myths surrounding the image. When I was a much younger man, and avowedly Roman in my Catholicism, someone (I forget who now) loaned me a book that recounted with detailed words and images the legendary apparition of Mary to Juan Diego in 1531. I was enthralled by what I read. It touched me very deeply that a humble peasant was visited by the Mother of Christ on a lonely spot, and Read More +

International Consultation on Church and Homophobia | Day 4 | November 26, 2014

The fourth day of the International Consultation on Church and Homophobia opened with Rev. Philip Vinod Peacock’s presentation entitled “Qu(e)erying Asian, Qu(e)erying Theology.” He led the participants through an examination of the effects of colonialism, the construction of bodies, capitalism, violence and doing (queer) theology in Asia. Of queer theology, Peacock stressed that “love does not just blur boundaries, it smashes them.” Dr. Michael J. Adee’s presentation emphasised the toolkits of LGBT justice-based activism is to promote “Compassion for Ourselves & Ourselves Along the Way Read More +

International Consultation on Church and Homophobia, November 23-26, 2014, Jakarta Theological Seminary

A Gathering of Asian Churches and Seminary to Address Homophobia as Human Rights Violations Sexual minorities (lesbian, gay, bi­sexual and transgender – LGBT) have been receiving a lot of attention recently. In its accreditation guide, ATESEA mentions that member schools need to pay close attention to LGBT issues. Nevertheless, views on sexual minorities are varied. Some churches support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, even to the point of marrying them and ordaining LGBT priests, while others accept them under certain conditions. Many people, however, Read More +

Celebrating LGBTQ Identities, Attractions and Expressions in God: A Response to Pastor Edmund Smith

Pastor Edmund Smith and “A Homosexual Lifestyle” My reflection is conceptualised as a response to a sharing by Pastor Edmund Smith on February 23, 2014 at the Community Baptist Church at Kota Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia, on “how God restored his identity as the son of the Living God from a homosexual lifestyle.”[1] This sharing was subsequently published in the Malaysian Christian news website Christianity Malaysia on March 5, 2014.[1] Smith and his wife, Amanda, are “the founders and directors of Real Love Ministry (RLM), an Read More +

Repent or Believe in the Closet: When Pastoral Care is Anything But

A recent chance encounter with a Facebook posting alerted me to an event that immediately grabbed my attention. The title of the posting read: “LGBT: What is our Response as Catholics?” The Lifeline College and Young Adults Ministry[1] at the Jesuit-pastored St Francis Xavier Church, Petaling Jaya in the Malaysian state of Selangor had organised a talk on the evening of Friday, October 26, 2013. They had invited a guest speaker who was a diocesan priest from a parish in a neighbouring state. I had Read More +

Sacred Sexual Touch: Illness, Sexual Bodies and Sacramental Anointing in Rural Bidayŭh Villages

Goh, Joseph N. “Sacred Sexual Touch: Illness, Sexual Bodies and Sacramental Anointing in Rural Bidayŭh Villages.” Rural Theology: International, Ecumenical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives 12, no. 1 (May 2014): 42-52.   Although the sacrament of anointing has undergone a major shift in focus from the dying to the sick after Vatican II, the official ritual maintains that its administration necessitates an ordained minister. This exclusive prerogative, coupled with the number of priests that is disproportionate to an increasing growth of baptized laity, underscores the reality that Read More +