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Is There Hope?

  By Joseph N. Goh Dr Joseph N. Goh from the School of Arts and Social Sciences shares his views on acts of violence against gender non-conforming and sexually-diverse people. Read more. This excerpt posted here claims no credit for any information or image posted herein: it merely hosts such information or images. The original authors, owners and/or sources hold the copyright to any information and image on this post. If there is any information or image on this post that belongs to you which Read More +

Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services

“Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services” is a discussion paper that examines the attitudes of institutional and popular Christianity towards men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender persons (TG), the impact of such attitudes towards the aforementioned individuals in relation to HIV prevention and treatment, as well as Christian teachings and strategies that affirm key affected populations and people living with HIV. In Asia-Pacific countries, Abrahamic religions such as Islam and Christianity often condemn same-sex behaviour and gender non-conformity. This kind of Read More +

The Position of Islamic Law in Malaysia in Light of the Transgender Case

By Surendra Ananth at MalayMailOnline. The recent Court of Appeal decision on the transgender case received heavy criticism from certain quarters (hereby referred to as the “gainsayers”) who view the decision as a step backward in terms of the development of Islamic law. To the contrary, the decision should be applauded as it reflects the development of Constitutional law in Malaysia. It upholds the fundamental liberties entrenched in our Constitution and its secular nature. I write this article in reply to the gainsayers and also Read More +

“Reverend, I am June I am a sex worker and I work in a brothel in Geylang. I want to ask you a question, Will I go to hell.”

A Reflection by the Rev. Yap Kim Hao of Free Community Church, Singapore Observance of Transgender Day Last Sunday Free Community Church commemorated the victims of the transgendered people who suffered and died in misery. Responding to the invitation, a significant number of transmen and transwomen were present. A few shared their experiendes of stigma and discrimination by the wider community in society. The Church honoured and celebrated them and pledged to stand in solidarity with the transgendered community. Last night Oogachaga & Project X Read More +